VISIA complexion analysis

The VISIA complexion analysis is a complimentary assessment of your facial skinís health. The system scans your face and captures key visual information on eight areas that affect your skinís health and appearance including skin pigmentation, pore size, porphyrins (evidence of bacteria), UV spots, photo damage (typically from sun damage), facial veins/redness, texture and wrinkles. With this quantitative assessment of your skin, weíre able to compare your skinís features to other individuals of the same sex, age and skin type to provide you with your relative skin condition within your peer group.

Youíll receive a personal skin care regime and rejuvenation recommendation. And, as your treatments progress, the VISIA is used to track the changes in your skin and the effectiveness of your skin care program. Your VISIA analysis takes just a few minutes. Weíll review your results and recommendations, focusing on your specific problem areas for up to an hour.

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Jennifer Hanan, LPN, performs a complimentary VISIA Complexion Analysis,
providing clients with key information on their skinís health and appearance
at the Medical Skin Care Center.

sample VISIA report

sample visia report

sample VISIA report